Rebounding — Fun & Effective

Rebounding on a high-quality mini-trampoline such as the acclaimed 2013 model Cellerciser® rebounder can be hugely instrumental in improving your overall health and sense of well being.

Besides improving your fitness, you can do so more conveniently and efficiently than other forms of exercise. Especially with temperatures reaching triple digits outdoors during the summer months in the USA, it is a tremendous benefit to look and feel better working out on a rebounder trampoline without having to leave the comfort of your home and expending hours and hours of time exercising each week.

When bouncing regularly (say at least 10 minutes every day), you’ll begin to notice within a relatively short period of time firmer Arms, Legs, Thighs, Abdomen and Hips; Increased Agility; Stronger Muscles; Ability to Work Longer and Sleep Better; and Less Tenseness and Nervousness.

Those are just some of the health improvements that will come along. But guess what? It gets even better. Unlike many other exercises, rebound exercise is FUN! You see, it is innate in nearly everyone to jump. It is a movement that is natural to us all since we were very young. Bouncing while listening to music or watching an interesting program on television only makes the experience more enjoyable. So yes, for any of you reading this, it is possible to enjoy yourself while you improve your health and overall fitness through this incredible form of exercise!

With this in mind, here’s a question that you might be asking yourself: “If rebounding is so good for you and fun, then why don’t more people do it?”

Next time, I’ll respond to that question and shed some light on any confusion that may be holding people back from working out on an exercise rebounder.

In the meantime, have a great weekend!

Can Rebounding Help Your Golf Game? Yes!

Adam Scott celebrating Masters victoryAfter watching the exciting conclusion to the Masters Golf tournament this afternoon, I’m kind of in the mood to play some golf (or at least write about it). The tension that Jason Day, Angel Cabrera and eventual winner Adam Scott (pictured — image courtesy of must have been experiencing on the back nine on the final round at Augusta was more than I could possibly imagine.

However, I do have a good idea of what carried them through the day to battle down to the wire for the championship — mental toughness, relentless repetition of sound golf fundamentals, knowledge learned from prior experiences, and courage to take calculated risks when the opportunities presented themselves.

These are not only excellent qualities to help you win a major golf tournament but to also get you through life’s difficult times.

Now I want to take a few moments and touch on some those important golf fundamentals — flexibility, power, and balance. You may be wondering isn’t this a blog / website about rebounding? Well yes, it is, and I will tie both activities to each other very soon, I promise.

First, I’m going to start off talking about golf, the favorite sport of millions of people.

Golf instructiors everywhere will tell you that increasing your body’s flexibility is known to help golfers of all abilities to improve their shot making and shoot lower scores.

Morevoer, it’s not uncommon for golfers to be looking for ways to increase power, distance, and club head speed to drive the golf ball farther. Regrettably, too many of these golfers are looking at the latest $400 driver or innovative golf gadget as the solution to what ails their golf swing rather than exercising to strengthen and tone their bodies in order to increase power, flexibility, and distance.

The most cost-efficient and arguably the best exercise to increase flexibility, improve balance, and build up upper and lower body strength is rebounding on a well-built mini-trampoline aka rebounder.

Bouncing daily on an exercise rebounder is a quick and effective way to give you the results that you’re looking for to improve club head speed and power off the tee. Here are three exercises you can do in your home every day as part of a 10-minute daily rebound exercise routine:

Creator David Hall bouncing on the Cellerciser rebounder1. The Twister — While bouncing up and down at a comfortable pace, twist your upper torso back and forth from the right to left to loosen your lower back and gradually increase your range of motion. Check out the photo of David Hall on the Cellerciser rebounder to the left.

2. The Sit Bounce — This exercise starts off by sitting down with your feet extended so that they can touch the ground. You then bounce up and down with your rear end touching the mat. As you get used to the motion, you can increase the effectiveness of this exercise by extending your legs straight out as you bounce which will really strengthen the stomach, lower abdomen, thighs, and back.

3. Thigh-Buttocks Movement — This is a non-bouncing exercise. It’s a squat movement with a sprint. The feet stay close to the mat. For you to reap the benefits of this exercise, it is important to keep your upper torso straight and not lean forward as you sprint. When done correctly, you can burn off fat as well as tighten and tone the thighs and buttocks. Work you way up to 100 reps during your daily rebounding workout for this exercise and you will start noticing improvements in your flexibility and power within two to three weeks. You may also notice then that your jeans will feel looser.

Rebounding allows you to quickly and relatively easily improve your golf flexibility, power, and balance in the convenience and privacy of your home. You can even do it while watching Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Rory McIlroy or any of your favorites play golf on television.

Once you’ve significantly improved your flexibility, power, and balance, then go ahead and purchase that fantastic new driver that the pros are all using and you’ll reap the benefits of the newest golf technology.

Regrettably, not all brands of mini-trampolines are the same when it comes to safety and quality construction. Consequently, it is important to do your research on sites like this one and others, and select an exercise rebounder that is well-built, safety-oriented, and comes with a surface that will support your feet without allowing them to tilt inward as you bounce.

Which rebounder do I recommend? The best exercise rebounder, of course! Check out to get started improving your golf game and overall fitness today.

Can I Really Tone My Body Using a Cellerciser?

There are a lot of misconceptions about rebounders among them being that you can’t really get a good workout and actually lose weight while toning and tightening your body.

One of the obstacles to any exercise program is maintaining a regular workout regimen even when positive results are not forthcoming as soon as we would like. It is a huge help for those of us going down this path to hear about the experiences of others for encouragement and to maintain hope.

From time to time, I peruse what Cellerciser® users have to say after trying out the unit for a period of time. A wife and mother named Lisa wrote about her experience on one of the larger ecommerce websites. Lisa gave the Cellerciser® a try because she wanted an “affordable way to work out at home” as her busy schedule made it difficult to find time to exercise at her local gym.

With the help of some rebounding DVDs, she found out right away that bouncing on a mini-trampoline can be a tough workout: “I really sweat, and my heart is pounding even onthe basic workout.” After one week of rebound exercising, she commented that although she hadn’t lost any weight she felt she had “found a way to have a really great, safe cardio workout that I can do every day right from home.”

Fortunately for Lisa she kept up her daily Cellercising® and saw the results that many women would hope for a few weeks later. In her words, “I have had the rebounder for about six weeks and have lost 5 lbs. My body has also changed shape in a good way. My butt is totally toned now! My jeans are literally falling off me. The rebounder is definitely a great workout… I am certain that doing a tough workout on the rebounder is a better fat burner than 20 minutes on the elliptical at the gym. A lot of reviewers of rebounders talk about how much fun they are. When I am really working onthis thing, it isn’t fun. It’s a tough workout, and I can’t wait until it’s over. But the results are very motivating!

Best Piece of Exercise Equipment I Have Ever Purchased

There are several interesting stories of the successes of Cellerciser® users in achieving greater health and fitness results. While many people have similar goals for using this piece of exercise equipment like losing unwanted weight, others have different objectives.

I’m going to relate one more story about a lady named Kallista who bought a Half-Fold Cellerciser® in 2010. Due to some health limitations, she tried rebounding to build her muscles and increase stamina.

She was a bit apprehensive to start her rebounding program as other forms of exercise she had tried in the past had not given her the results she was looking for like Yoga and Pilates. At first, she paced her bouncing slowly working her way up to 20 minutes a day by the seventh week.

Kallista writes about the changes to her body,”It`s so much fun I have to make myself stop. I have increased my calorie intake and actually gained five pounds in muscles. I`m stronger and leaner now, my legs are more toned. I could not be more pleased about the quick results. Why anyone would waste time on anything else is a mystery to me.” By the way, this same Cellerciser Rebounder can be found for sale on this website by going to this page.

Leave Your Own Review On This Website

If you have a review of either the Half-Fold or Tri-Fold models and don’t mind explaining how using it has affected your health and fitness, feel free to share this with others in the comments section below this post. Your reviews are much appreciated!

I hope today’s message inspires us all to keep going forward with our daily Cellercising as it is entirely possible to tone your body using this fine exerciser.

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Jump Starting Your Body’s Lymphatic System

One of the best types of exercise workouts you can do is bouncing on a mini trampoline or exercise rebounder as it is also known. Health benefits related to this invigorating activity are numerous including improving your body’s lymphatic system.

Rebounding has a remarkable influence on detoxification of the body. Your lymphatic system works very hard by cleansing each cell and then pushing the waste out. Your lymph nodes are dependent upon exercise and movement for activation, without ample movement the garbage cells starve. They do not get the nutrients they need without sufficient stimulation.

With a lack of movement, your cells may cause problems including inflammation as well as degenerative diseases such as arthritis, and even cancer.

The lymphatic system involves many areas of the body and can conceal harmful toxins that need releasing. You will become tired and oftentimes ill from not getting those toxins out of your bodily on a regular basis. In order to prevent diseases such as cancers your cells require activation.

Rebounding is one of the best solutions you can find to jump start your lymphatic system and stimulate your cells.

Bouncing on a rebounder will increase the flow of nutrients up to 30 times for the lymphatic system. In addition, it does not cause the pain or injuries that jumping on the ground, running or jogging may cause because you are landing on a mat surface that is not hard. Consequently, you can build strong muscles and bones as well as improve your heart rate without the stress of a hard impact. Likewise, you can boost your lymphatic system with the vertical movements of rebounding.

Rebounding stimulates all the internal organs, since this exercise activates spinal and cerebral fluids through the eyes and other internal organs. The amoebic action will boost your immune cells. Consequently, the cells and your immune system become stronger.

Jumping on a rebounder is an extraordinarily healthy exercise. It is easier on the body than jogging, using a treadmill, or even the impact you will receive from working out in an aerobics class. With rebound exercise, you can boost your heart rate and avoid pain. Moreover, bouncing can help your lymphatic system flush away any toxins for your body using movement and exercise. You will feel happier and healthier when you put into practice a rebounding regiment so much so that your body can be in the healthiest shape you have ever had when you jump for at least 10 minutes daily.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend!