Rebound exercise can work for you!

Rebounding on a exercise rebounder aka mini-trampoline is a fun and effective way to lose weight and tone your body. A 10-minute daily routine on a top flight rebound exerciser like the ones shown on this website can greatly improve your health and overall fitness.

Once you’ve decided that a rebounder is a good choice for your exercise program, you need to become familiar with the variety of exercises you can do on it.

It’s important to take some time to get used to using the rebounder. Even though it’s not very big, it’s still a trampoline, so you need to spend some time adjusting your balance.

First, try out your new mini-trampoline. Do some mild to moderate bounces at an easy pace and get a feel for your rebounder and how it works. Think about your balance and get comfortable with easy bouncing before you go any further.

Once you’ve become accustomed to bouncing on your rebounder you can learn the basic fitness moves. Before you begin your exercise routine, you’ll want to warm up, though. You can warm up simply by bouncing at an easy pace for a few minutes. This is also known in industry circles as the health bounce which is covered at length in our blog. Among other things, this allows your muscles to get ready for more intense exercise and gradually increases your heart rate.

You can also do some simple stretching exercises before you get on the rebounder. Stretching your legs, your hips, and up into your upper body will help prep your muscles for exercise and help to guard against injury. With any fitness routine, rebounding included, stretching and a good warm up is essential.

Basic Rebounder Exercises

You’d think all you need to do is jump on your rebounder, but it’s a little more complex than that if you want the greatest health and weight loss benefits. Here are some great basic exercises you can do on your mini trampoline:

Walking – You can walk on your rebounder and this is actually both a good form of exercise and a good way to warm yourself up and cool back down at the end of a workout. With this exercise, you’re not actually walking (or you’d walk right off the rebounder). You alternately lift your heels – one and then the other.

Start out this way and then add some arm action – swing your arms back and forth in the same type of motion you would as if you are walking. The basic walking move is perfect for beginners and it also works well even for people who are more experienced with a rebounder but wish to have a more subdued workout.

Jogging – This is a good way to raise your heart rate and burn some calories. You start out like you would for walking on your rebounder, but you lift your feet off the trampoline one or two inches. Of course, you also swing your arms as if you were jogging.

Bouncing – Surprisingly, you can really get a great workout from simply bouncing up and down on your rebounder – just like a kid jumps up and down on his or her bed. Start bouncing by first standing with your feet a bit apart.

Don’t take your feet off of the trampoline. Rather, make a bouncing motion with your body. Soon, you’ll be bouncing up and down. You can bounce low, barely lifting your feet off the rebounder, or higher when you feel like it. Some people like to have a wall or piece of furniture nearby to hold on to or touch for stability. You can also get a balance bar to use with your rebounder.

twist bounceTwist Bounce – This is a nice way to work out your abdominal and back muscles. Start at the bounce position and hold your arms out from your sides, parallel to the floor. As you turn your upper body and arms to one side, twist your lower body to the other as you are bouncing. You can do two bounces to each side, or one.

Squat Bounce – This is for slightly more advance rebounders and is good for your legs and butt. Start in your basic standing position and then squat down in a sitting position – butt out and hands by your hips. Jump up, and then come back down into your squat position.

Heel and Toe Bounce – Start with a basic bounce and then bring one foot forward touching the heel to the trampoline, while raising the arm on the same side. You can do each side for two bounces or one, whichever works better for you.

Jumping Jacks – These are done just like you would do them on your floor. From your basic bouncing position, bounce and spread your feet and arms apart – you can bring your arms over your head if you like.

Watch your footing on this – don’t land with your feet so far apart that you come off the rebounder! Jumping jacks are so much easier on your joints when done on a quality exercise rebounder.

Along with the aerobic type exercises that I’ve listed for you, you can also do other exercises on your rebounder. Leg raises and side leg raises can be done easily if you have something to hang on to for stability. If your rebounder comes with a balance bar, you can use that.

Abdominal exercises such as crunches can also be done with your rebounder. You can also do what’s called a “sit bounce.” In this exercise, you sit on the rebounder with both feet on the floor and begin to bounce on your behind.

Now lift one leg off the floor keeping the other down for stability. Then put that leg down and lift the other. Work up to where you can bounce with both legs up. This is great for abs.

For more information on the “Sit Bounce” and a video demonstration by David Hall showing the variations that can be done bouncing on your rear end, check out out blog post entitled “The Five Most Effective Rebounding Exercises”.

Customize Your Rebounding Experience to Suit You

Now you know the basic exercises you can do with your rebounder. A combination of these movements will get your heart rate up and help you burn lots of calories, all while targeting different muscle groups.

You can combine these exercises into your own routine and you’ll eventually come up with your own fun exercises as you get more and more comfortable with your rebounder. When it comes to exercising on the rebounder, the sky is the limit.

Because it’s so enjoyable and easy on your body, you’ll come away from each workout exhilarated and energized. Will the workouts tire you out? Yes, probably. If a workout doesn’t wear you out a bit, it’s not much of a workout is it?

But you’ll feel better, healthier and more energetic than you did before you decided to get fit, lean and healthy. All of the exercises listed above can be done by anyone with some practice.

You might have to work up to some of them, and that’s okay! Fitness and weight loss is a journey and you have to start somewhere. Once you commit yourself to a regular rebounding routine and use these exercises, you’ll find out just how enjoyable getting in shape can be.

Rebound Exercise Videos are Available

Don’t forget that you can also view exercise videos that are specifically created for rebounding. These videos will incorporate some or all of the exercises I’ve talked about in their routines, possibly with other exercises and put them to music giving you something worthwhile to watch while you work out.

Below is a video made by rebounding expert David Hall. Hall has been spreading the message of rebounding (more specifically the message of Cellercising®) for nearly a quarter of a century. He is a living and breathing testament to what this form of exercise can do for your health and overall well being. Below you will see Hall (he’s in his mid-fifties!) in action demonstrating various exercises that he does in his daily workouts. Enjoy!

With every purchase of a new Cellerciser® rebounder, Hall’s company includes a laminated chart that shows many of the exercises demonstrated in the above video.

Whether you make up your own routines, watch Youtube videos, or use DVDs to help you doesn’t matter. What matters is that you get up and get moving!

Not only can bouncing help you look and feel better, but there are a myriad of other benefits that come from it worth checking out when you incorporate certain exercises into your workouts.

When you purchase David Hall’s Cellerciser mini-trampoline through BestExerciseRebounder.com, you’ll receive the same exercise chart as well as the same accessories that would be normally included if you bought the unit direct from the company. HOWEVER, you’ll save some money by purchasing from us when you order either the Half-Fold Rebounder or the Half-Fold Rebounder with Balance Bar as well as pick up a nice bonus or two.

By the way, all our orders are dropshipped directly from Hall’s Cellular Health Innovations, LLC headquarters in Central Utah ensuring that you will ALWAYS receive the latest, most up-to-date Cellerciser model.