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I spend a part of each day communicating with Cellerciser customers (both owners and potential buyers). Oftentimes the discussions that we have are useful to others as was the case from a telephone conversation this past Monday that I had with a lady from New York named Christine who purchased a Half-Fold Cellerciser with Balance Bar from me last month. Today I want to pass along some of the information that we discussed.

Christine is an entrepreneur selling really nice jewelry (a sample piece can be found to the left) on sites like ebay and etsy. If you want to check out her website, go here. She spends much of her days either designing new jewelry, fulfilling and shipping orders, and doing other customer service. In our conversation, she mentioned that she was looking for a way to get exercise that would help her look and feel better without taking a lot of her time each day from her online businesses.

She read a lot about the benefits of rebounding and initially bought a lesser expensive rebounder from a nationally-known sporting goods store. In short, she liked the feel of the rebounder at first but after a couple of weeks it just wasn’t giving her the desired results that she was looking for. In fact, she was having some pain in parts of her body that she didn’t have before.

To Christine’s credit, she got on the Internet and researched rebounders diligently. Like so many of you reading this blog post right now, she perused some so-called websites that ‘review” various rebounders. I don’t put a lot of stock in these sites. Some are better than others. But please don’t be confused and think they have the objectivity of say a site like Consumer Reports.

In doing research on review sites and several rebounder manufacturer sites, Christine mentioned to me that she noticed that the Cellerciser was the main brand which most of the other manufacturers tried to compare their product. This was her “A-Ha” moment that maybe the rebounder she should take a serious look at was the Cellerciser. She liked the reviews and information she found on the Cellerciser Half-Fold Rebounder with Balance Bar so she ended up buying this model from me because I offered the best overall deal on the Internet.

Many of you visiting BestExerciseRebounder.com can relate to some of the things that this customer shared with me over the phone. Some visitors may be in the midst of their research for the right rebounder for them. Should you come to discover like tens of thousands of people before you that the Cellerciser rebounder is the best on the market because of its safety features, high quality construction, state-of-the-art springs, and its leader David Hall (the top authority in the rebounding industry today), then I would appreciate your business at BestExerciseRebounder.com (should you live in the Continental USA) or your purchase on ebay (if you live outside the United States so you can take advantage of the significantly lower shipping prices available through the ebay Global Shipping program). My User IDs on ebay are “thebestrebounder” and “dealmania!”.

Thank you for stopping by and have a terrific weekend!


2 thoughts on “Cellerciser Customer Spotlight

  1. Gregg,
    Thank you for mentioning me & my business. I am so happy I purchased the Cellersiser from your site! You were prompt to all my questions, and called me personally to answer my questions, and really listened Thank you so much Gregg! I LOVE this Cellerciser! Have used the Nordic Track year ago, elliptical machines… but this Cellerciser is truly fun, a great work out and I look forward to my body changing by using this equipment. As a clay bead and jewelry artisan, I do sit and forget how long when I am engaged in creating my designs, knowing it is important to get up and move around often…well, now that I have the Cellerciser in my studio, I am on it quite often with good music on! (and it doesn’t take up much room). I am grateful for the support Gregg, I know I am a happy jumper! Will keep you posted on how I am doing with it! My Best to you!

  2. My sister bought me a cellerciser for Christmas a few years ago from Gregg. She had one for years and when my mother almost died and was in ICU for a few months, we used my sisters cellerciser for her rehab as she had to learn to walk again. We at first put her feet on it as we bounced and she always felt immediate results with a decrease in her pain. We worked her up to bouncing on it with great results.

    After seeing how my sisters worked on my mother, I wanted to get one. She kindly worked with Gregg on giving me one for the holiday and worked it out that my kids could pick it up and deliver it to my town.

    Since then, I have had several types of workouts I have done on the cellercise. I find I get the best results by doing “bodyflex” breathing while bouncing as it focuses the burn on whatever area I am working on at the time.

    I also have used the cellercise with my ozonator on a low setting while bouncing when I have been sick to help get more concentration of oxygen into my system more quickly.

    Just recently, I purchased a bar which Gregg was good to help me get. Through the few years of working with Gregg, we have become friends and I am grateful for the cellercise and how it works. I have recommended it to friends who have purchased one of their own and enjoyed it as well.

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