Cellerciser Customer Spotlight

I spend a part of each day communicating with Cellerciser customers (both owners and potential buyers). Oftentimes the discussions that we have are useful to others as was the case from a telephone conversation this past Monday that I had with a lady from New York named Christine who purchased a Half-Fold Cellerciser with Balance Bar from me last month. Today I want to pass along some of the information that we discussed.

Christine is an entrepreneur selling really nice jewelry (a sample piece can be found to the left) on sites like ebay and etsy. If you want to check out her website, go here. She spends much of her days either designing new jewelry, fulfilling and shipping orders, and doing other customer service. In our conversation, she mentioned that she was looking for a way to get exercise that would help her look and feel better without taking a lot of her time each day from her online businesses.

She read a lot about the benefits of rebounding and initially bought a lesser expensive rebounder from a nationally-known sporting goods store. In short, she liked the feel of the rebounder at first but after a couple of weeks it just wasn’t giving her the desired results that she was looking for. In fact, she was having some pain in parts of her body that she didn’t have before.

To Christine’s credit, she got on the Internet and researched rebounders diligently. Like so many of you reading this blog post right now, she perused some so-called websites that ‘review” various rebounders. I don’t put a lot of stock in these sites. Some are better than others. But please don’t be confused and think they have the objectivity of say a site like Consumer Reports.

In doing research on review sites and several rebounder manufacturer sites, Christine mentioned to me that she noticed that the Cellerciser was the main brand which most of the other manufacturers tried to compare their product. This was her “A-Ha” moment that maybe the rebounder she should take a serious look at was the Cellerciser. She liked the reviews and information she found on the Cellerciser Half-Fold Rebounder with Balance Bar so she ended up buying this model from me because I offered the best overall deal on the Internet.

Many of you visiting BestExerciseRebounder.com can relate to some of the things that this customer shared with me over the phone. Some visitors may be in the midst of their research for the right rebounder for them. Should you come to discover like tens of thousands of people before you that the Cellerciser rebounder is the best on the market because of its safety features, high quality construction, state-of-the-art springs, and its leader David Hall (the top authority in the rebounding industry today), then I would appreciate your business at BestExerciseRebounder.com (should you live in the Continental USA) or your purchase on ebay (if you live outside the United States so you can take advantage of the significantly lower shipping prices available through the ebay Global Shipping program). My User IDs on ebay are “thebestrebounder” and “dealmania!”.

Thank you for stopping by and have a terrific weekend!


5 Health Benefits of Rebounding

“Seeing is Believing” and “A Picture is worth a thousand words” are two adages that also apply to rebounding.

For months this website has provided and will provide information both written and visually to help you get the most out of your rebounding workouts.

As a webmaster, I spend a considerable amount of time researching the keywords and keyword phrases that bring you and others to this website. I have discovered not surprisingly that hundreds of people visit to learn more about how to get in better shape so that they can look and feel better.

Today, I’m going to do less writing and more visual taking advantage of the videos provided by rebounding expert David Hall to help all of us look great and reap the health benefits from this great exercise. Take a look…these videos can transform your life for the better!

5 Health Benefits of Rebounding on a Cellerciser Rebounder…

Health Benefit:
Video featuring David Hall:

Tighten & Tone

Get Rid of

Stomach Muscles
Trim & Tone

Firm Up

flexing 100 TIMES a minute,
no other workout can come close to

Make the Change in Your Life Today!


I can’t say enough about the videos shown above. This is a small sample of the quality of David Hall’s Cellercise program that you receive with a purchase of any of the Cellerciser rebounder models.

Just a reminder…you always get the lowest price and best value when you buy your Cellerciser on this site.

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend. I’m going to rebound exercise while I watch some of the Super Bowl later on today!

More soon…

Rebounder Exercise Routines featuring David Hall

One of the keys to realizing your health and fitness goals is to have a good 10-minute-a-day rebounder exercise routine.

Regrettably, many people when they purchase a rebounder just start bouncing up and down, throw in a few jumping jacks or some similar type exercise, and never fully explore the variety of movements that can be done on this piece of exercise equipment. It’s understandable, bouncing up and down is a lot of fun.

However, it truly will help you get more out of your rebounding workouts if you’ll do some research and develop a sound exercise routine.

To get you started in the right direction, below you will find a video produced by rebounding’s leading authority David Hall (fyi, the creator of the Cellerciser). You’ll see a variety of movements and exercises that can be incorporated into your workout which are explained by Hall. Take a look:

I hope this video gives you some ideas for your morning workouts. With so many exercises to choose from, there is no need to do the same thing over and over. You can tighten and tone, lose weight, and reap other health benefits by implementing some of these moves into your rebounder exercise routines.

Have fun rebounding!

How to Tighten Your Facial and Neck Muscles For Good

The health benefits of rebounding on a consistent, daily basis are numerous and various ones have been detailed on the Best Exercise Rebounder Blog for nearly a year now.

Today, I’m going to discuss an exercise that I’m personally using in my daily workout routines on my Cellerciser right now. It is a challenging exercise but one that I’m confident will help me tighten and tone my facial and neck muscles.

I was reminded of this exercise not too long ago when I was going through the channels of my television one evening and I came across another fitness-oriented informercial showing how to use a certain product to help get rid of a double chin. I have no idea one way or the other as to the effectiveness of that product, but seeing that demonstration caused me to remembered a video made by Cellerciser creator David Hall (pictured here to the left) angling his body in a certain way as he bounced while maintaining a specific way of holding his facial muscles in place while doing so.

I have since started implementing this specific “face lift” exercise as Hall calls it into my 10-minute-a-day routine. As he does so well, David Hall is shown in the video below demonstrating how to position your face, then your neck, and your body to attain a positive result with this movement.

Again, I would like to point out that results are being attained by working with gravity rather than going against it which is why rebounding helps so many people achieve their health and fitness goals.

Let’s now check out the video…

If you’re looking for something new to add to your rebounding workouts, then give this movement a try.

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend!

A Critical Rebounding Safety Tip

It’s Friday again and I hope that your week is going well and will conclude with a strong finish.

A couple of days ago on this site, I outlined some rebounding safety tips that many people have checked out. Today, I want to take one of the tips a step farther to drive home a point.

In the checklist from my post, one of the tips mentioned was “Don’t use your rebounder for doing super high jumps and acrobatic feats!” There is a reason why mini-trampolines aka rebounders are also known as exercise rebounders and/or fitness rebounders. They are meant to perform various forms of exercise.

Today’s rebounding safety tip pertains to how you use your rebounder. Although there are similarities to the kind used in halftime shows at basketball games where a team of young people with amazing gymnastic skills launch themselves via a rebounder in various ways to slam dunk a basketball through a hoop, it is important to press upon young kids that an exercise rebounder is not that kind of rebounder. In case you haven’t seen what I’m referring to above, check out this video I found on youtube.com.

Another point that I want to emphacize today is finding a safe location in your home to rebound that is away from tables, chairs and other furniture. I’m going to show you another video now. It was made a couple of years ago supposedly for the purpose of proving to the world that some random woman who bounced on a variety of rebounders set out by the guy who runs a “rebounder review” site would pick a certain brand over the others as the best. The video is relatively short but I would encourage you to pay close attention to the last 20-25 seconds. Fortunately for the woman bouncing in the video she was outdoors.

Here is the main point that I would like to make by showing this last video. All of the rebounders shown in the clip are nearly always used indoors. Now imagine your child or teenager bouncing on a bungee spring rebounder and losing their balance while jumping higher and higher on it (like the lady in the video) in your family room while watching television. Picture that young person possibly injuring themselves seriously by falling back and hitting a coffee table or other piece of furniture. Rebounding can be dangerous if the person rebounding doesn’t fully understand how to treat it as a piece of exercise equipment rather than a toy. It is imperative to educate family members on how to use a rebounder before letting them bounce on one.

In summary, educating family members on the proper use of rebounders and clearing the rebounding area of furniture and other objects in case of a misstep or someone improperly using them will go a long way to improve rebounding safety and allow the users to get a beneficial exercise workout.

Enjoy your weekend!

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